a Web-Interfaced next generation Database dedicated to genetic Diversity Exploration
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Welcome to WIDDE

This next generation database is dedicated to the storage and management of dense genotyping data sets (up to several hundreds of thousands markers genotyped on thousands of individuals). It includes several utilities to select (on a population and/or marker location basis) data subsets, to perform basic data quality check and standard population genetics analyses (test of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, Principal Component Analysis) and to export the resulting datasets in various popular formats. Users can also upload their own genotyping data and explore them with data stored in WIDDE and assign new individuals to WIDDE populations using distance-based method and supervised hierarchical clustering.

WIDDE contains public (freely accessible) and private (accessible via a login and password) data. The current version features cattle and sheep data but expect more to come!

You are welcome to contact us and submit public data for supported species.

Sempéré G, Moazami-Goudarzi K, Eggen A, Laloë D, Gautier M and Flori L.
WIDDE: a Web-Interfaced next generation Database for genetic Diversity Exploration, with a first application in cattle,
BMC Genomics.2015, 16:940.